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FACTS About the Proposed Pearland ISD Bond

  • Six previous bonds dating back to 1996 and nearly $300 million remain unpaid
  • If the new $220M bond passed, Pearland ISD will be over a half billion in debt
  • With over 25,000 homes in the district, your family's share is over $20,000
  • Luxury items like locker room additions, a new gym, and tennis courts are in the bond

DID YOU KNOW: That by delaying the payment of this debt, as the bond is scheduled to do, our children will be saddled with paying this off? When they say this is "for the children," perhaps that's what they mean.

In tough economic times, many of us live paycheck to paycheck. Do we really need to spend our children's money like they can afford it?

Doubling our credit card debt is irresponsible - when so many families struggle economically - and good business leaders should know that.

Let's not overspend. With a more modest proposal and a focus on essential improvements, a bond that won't bite into your family's future would have been the right move. Unfortunately, that's not what happened when the decision for this bond was made.

Let's look at some of what was approved in this bond:

  • $7 million for locker room additions at the high school
  • $3.5 million for a new admin building
  • $4.6 million for improvements at the Rig
  • $8.7 million for a gym
  • $1.3 million for tennis courts and a track
  • $3.7 million for a new fine arts building

We all want to have the best of the best, but the best of the best costs a lot of money, and we have to ask ourselves if over a half billion worth of debt - plus interest - is too big of a price to pay.

The board needs to responsibly restructure this bond for the next election cycle - unless your family can afford to pitch in $20,000 for all of this.

For your children, vote NO on the PISD Bond. Let's rein in the overspending and do it right next time.

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